How to use the web portal

AED group secondhand web portal usage instructions
Written by Secondhand Webshopmanager on 01.03.2019, 01:40
How to use the web portal

How to use the AED Secondhand webshop?

The AED Secondhand webshop is build for existing AED Group customers as well as for our new customers interested in secondhand pro AV products.   Since we are offering specialized products to the AV industry we currently don't support online payments, this to enable us adding value as AV proffesionals with +30 years of experience.  

The shop enables you to order products with a "immediatly available status" secondary this portal also alows you to request quotes on secondhand products and interact on a structured way with our product specialists.

I'm an existing AED customer, how can i use the webshop?

If you are an existing AED customer please send us a request to obtain login credintials to the Secondhand shop via email on with email subject "Webshop login request" and mentioning your companyname and existing AED customer number in the emailbody.   After validating your request we will provide you, in reply to your mail, with your personal login credentials to the secondhand webportal.

I'm a new customer and want to use the webshop?

Customers without an active "AED group customer number" can order all online available products and will be contacted after submitting the order to our backoffice within 24h, this to review the order, advise you on product info if needed and agree on logistics to deliver the ordered products.

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