The Lightcommander MA Lighting desk is one of the best-selling lighting consoles in its class worldwide. The internal softpatch allows you to freely connect channels of the board with dimmer channels. To simplify this process, the selected dimmer will be switched on automatically. This saves you from having to write channel lists and makes the softpatch process easy and effective. The Lightcommanders’ proven software in conjunction with its robust hardware ensures a stable and reliable operation.

The X-Fade Section allows recalling of preprogrammed scenes with individual in- and outfade times per scene. ‘DIPLESS X FADE’ helps to avoid brightness drops by linearly crossfading between the old and new values. Using the ‘GO’ key, preprogrammed fade times or even the manual X fader, sequences with up to 99 steps can be recalled. Single scenes can be joined with chase effects. The ‘GOTO’ – and the ‘INSERT’ keys let you skip or insert steps randomly.

Besides the single channels that can be activated via the presets at all times, the ‘PREVIEW MODIFY’ function of the Lightcommander allows you to correct scenes even when already on stage. Further programs can be stored blindly via the channel LED or the LCdisplay during the show. Because of the well designed designation of user elements, only those functions will be blocked that are necessary to create the program.

  • Robust steel-housing with side panels from solid wood
  • Channel doubling in wide mode
  • Live and blind mode for programming and modifying
  • Master-Slave mode and MIDI
  • Sequences can be recalled via X-Fader with complete graphic presentation
  • Storing of programmes on RAM card
  • Softpatch with 255 DMX channels
  • Chart flow of programmes with freely eligible times
  • ‘Learn Speed’ button to tap-in the chaser speed directly

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