PLASA 2004 in London will see the launch of the new Apex Intelli-X. The Intelli-X is a newly designed digital speaker-management processor complementing the highly successful Apex Intelli-Q Real-time System Optimizer. The Intelli-X has 4 analogue and digital inputs and 8 analogue outputs and houses an incredible amount of DSP power. Every input has a user-settable delay, a 30-band graphic EQ, an 8-band full parametric EQ and 2 shelving EQ’s. The 4 x 8 matrix has no routing limitations and so can be freely configured to suit all professional needs. Every output has a user-settable delay, high- and low- pass filters including Butterworth, Bessel and Linkwitz-riley types at all available slopes, 2 shelving EQ’s, an 8-band full parametric EQ, a fully-adjustable limiter and phase reversal.

All these processes are simultaneously available all the time, there is no need to allocate processing power. Control is via standard control software, which can also control the Apex Intelli-Q. Via the Apex Bus, several Apex Intelli-X’s can be interlinked and controlled from the same computer. The front panel gives access basic functions and contains a graphic display and extensive metering. Unique is the headphone socket, which enables the user to monitor every input an output for problem solving. 24bit A/D and D/A converters together with excellent DSP algorithms ensure the legendary Apex sound quality.

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