The heart of Apex GX-230 equaliser is a bank of 30 constant-Q bandpass filters made with Dynamically Laser Trimmed (DLT) hybrid circuits per channel. The DLT-technology offers you ultra accuracy and artefact-less frequency, phase and amplitude response. The constant-Q design preserves filter bandwidth independent from the amplitude control settings and therefore minimises the adjacent band interaction. Constant-Q reinforces the graphical representation by the front panel faders of the actual frequency response. The GX-230 equaliser has also two switch-able fixed 30 Hz high-pass filters.

All potential overload points are continuously monitored by an extremely fast attack, slow release time peak detector circuit illuminating a LED indicator 2 dB before the clipping point is reached, warning the user to reduce the level before distortion occurs.

  • 30-Band Constant-Q Graphic Equaliser Using DLT-Technology Optimally Controlled Amplitude And Phase Response
  • Switch-Able Boost /Cut Scale +/- 6dB Or +/- 12dB
  • In/Out Switches For Instant Comparison With Flat Response
  • In/Out Switch-Able Fixed 30 Hz High-Pass Filters With A Slope Of 18 DB/Octave
  • Level Adjustment From –Infinity To +6 DB
  • Overload Indicator Driven By A Peak-Peak Sensing Circuit Giving Overload Indication At All Critical Points Of The Equaliser Circuit
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