C300 is an easy to use dual engine dynamics processor that gives you superior compression/limiting and gate/expansion feasibilities. It features flexible control of the signal path, 16 gate/expander and 16 compressor/limiter audio-optimized presets with intelligent TC multi-band and full-band technology, innovative new style compression, state-of-the-art TC quality, and an extremely intuitive and straightforward user interface that gives you access to complex and comprehensive dynamic processing with a few buttons and simple operations only. C300 is mainly meant to be used in insert applications. The C300 gives you source-based presets that are tailor-made for various types of sources. Depending on the preset you select you have access to intelligent TC full-band- or multi-band technology. The C300's multi-band processing is built on a state-of-the-art TC algorithm that bases it's calculations on the incoming source, and that's why it's called source-based.

  • Universal condenser microphone for acoustic instruments
  • High resolution input and gain reduction metering
  • Precision gating - ultra fast and click free
  • Balanced 1/4" jack I/O
  • Threshold LED indication
  • True dual mono, stereo or serial operation
  • 16 source specific compression presets
  • 16 gate presets sidechain tailored to match input source
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